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New Year’s Resolutions: Public Outreach

Exhibits are an important part of sharing information with the public and making historical items accessible. They also provide an opportunity to educate visitors on specific topics and showcase items of importance to the community. Public outreach events are another way to involve the public with the archives. Below are a few public outreach event examples to inspire your archives to offer events this year; some of the events below have been offered by Albertan institutions in the past with success.

  1. Create a Time Capsule

Involve community members by encouraging them to donate a small item, such as a photo or letter, for a time capsule project. The time capsule can be put into the vault to be used in the future for an exhibit. This project could take place over a particular holiday, which would provide content for an exhibit for a future holiday.

  1. Rehouse Prized Collections

A 2-3 hour hands-on workshop on proper housing and handling techniques can be taught to comic book and sports card collectors. Archival grade folders, binders, encapsulation materials, and labels can be sold as part of the workshop kit.

  1. Make a Portfolio or Window Mat Folder

A hands-on half-day workshop can be hosted where registrants have an opportunity to create a portfolio or a window mat folder to house an art print. A supply kit for the workshop could be sold upon registration. This workshop would appeal to artisans, art collectors, or art students.

  1. Make Long Lasting Memories

A presentation on choosing papers and glues to safely display photographs and memorabilia can be offered to the scrapbooking community. An additional workshop could be offered to the calligraphic community on choosing lightfast inks and watercolour paints. It is recommended to have samples available to show registrants.

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New Year’s Resolutions for your Archives

New Year’s resolutions are goals for the upcoming year. Why not make disaster preparedness goals for your archival institution this year? Here are some ideas from the Flood Advisory Programme:

  • Update your institution’s emergency response plan
  • Ensure you institution has an emergency response kit, including supplies and safety equipment
  • Provide staff with emergency response training, such as mock disasters
  • Contact local emergency responders, such as your fire department, to discuss optimal emergency response strategies
  • Discuss emergency preparedness with your local heritage organizations to create an emergency response network
  • Research local vendors and conservators regarding their services and fees during disaster recovery
  • Research what types of disasters are covered by your institution’s insurance policy

Crystal Ice Cream billboard, 1936, Glenbow Archives, NB-55-369

Share your organization’s New Year’s resolutions in the comments!

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