Access to Holdings applications – section A3 and how do we get participation points?

It is grant writing season for archival institutions, so over the next couple of months, this blog will be dedicated to providing tips on how to prepare a strong application. Remember that I am available to answer any grant writing questions you may have, as well as to proof read a draft of your application.

Section A3 of the Access to Holdings applications could gain you 5 extra points out of 100. To see the guide that the grants committee uses to score the applications, visit this link: As participation is only 5% of your score, it could boost your application score amongst the others so that you get the grant!

In order to achieve full marks, the committee is looking for 3 or more items that you have participated in at the ASA. Participation could include the following:

  • submitting an image for the Archives Week calendar
  • joining a committee or the ASA Board of Directors
  • hosting an Archives Week event at your institution
  • attending ASA’s AGM and/or Institutional Forum
  • writing a column for ASA’s Newsletter or a submission for ASA’s blog
  • attending the ASA conference or an ASA workshop
  • teaching at a workshop, the Institute or presenting at the conference
  • being a session moderator at the conference
  • providing ASA with a venue for meetings/workshops, etc.

The committee is looking at recent ASA participation, so any participation older than 3 years does not count for your marks.

In addition to gaining extra points on your grant application, participating at the ASA is a great way to gain experience in new areas, give back to the archival community and it looks great on your curriculum vita. If you would like more information on how to get involved or about the Access to Holdings program, please contact me at




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