South Peace Regional Archives – Canada Day event

This year, as part of the History of the Peace Country in 150 Objects, the South Peace Regional Archives (SPRA) is creating a new exhibit featuring 10 objects that tell the story of the South Peace Region. Those objects take us on a journey whose documentary starting point is the days of the fur trade. As white traders moved into Canada to do business, their relationships with the long-existing indigenous communities led to the development of the new and distinctly Canadian community of the Métis.  From there, we see how the federal government moved to develop the “new country” and we meet the people who answer the call, first to migration, then to war.

From there, we get a glimpse of the growing communities in the region and experience vicariously how local, regional, national and international events intersected in peoples’ day-to-day lives.  Yet again, we bear sad witness as a new group of local men and women go to war.

Finally, the past catches up to the present as we meet the teachers and youth who built on the hard labour of their forbearers to make the region and the country what it is today. What we learn from this journey through time is that the history of the South Peace region mirrors the history of Canada.

Please join us on Canada Day when we will explore the lives of the people reflected in these documents.


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