Resources for Archivists

The Lead Team receives a variety of questions about a multitude of topics. Here are a few helpful resources we have found (or created!) while assisting our members.


Film Care by the Image Permanence Institute

This website is a great resource – it provides guidelines for working with all film formats and types. It covers storage, including how to implement low temperature storage, charts mapping degradation when film is removed from cold storage and using A-D strips. One of the most useful (and exciting!) resources on this website is the storage calculator for colour and acetate films. Input the temperature and relative humidity of the desired storage space to calculate the longevity of the film under the specified storage conditions.


Free Resources by the Northeast Document Conservation Center

The NEDCC offers many free online resources about a variety of subjects, such as preservation and disaster preparedness and recovery. They also offer a free online disaster planning template called dPlan.


Flood Advisory Programme by the Archives Society of Alberta

The Flood Advisory Programme’s website offers a variety of resources focused on disaster preparedness and recovery, such as how-to videos, emergency response resources, extreme weather alerts, recommended disaster response kit list, and staff training scenarios.


Salvage Operations for Water Damaged Archives Collections: A Second Glance by Betty Walsh

This document is a great resource to review general guidelines to follow in the event of a disaster. Sections include general best practices, guidelines for packing, recovery methods and rehabilitation.


Orphan Works: Statement of Best Practices by the Society of American Archivists

This report is a summary of recommended best practices when handling orphan works. Sections include principles, search strategies, documentation, and resources.


Bill C-61 – Act to Amend the Copyright Act

No one wants to read it, but it is necessary for understanding Canadian copyright.
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