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Are you interested in disaster preparedness resources and tools? Are you writing a disaster plan or perhaps updating your institution’s disaster plan? Are you looking for some resources to help you prepare for a disaster? Here are a few of our favourite disaster preparedness resources and supplies!


Emergency Planning and Response for Libraries, Archives and Museums by Emma Dadson.

This book is a great introduction to emergency planning. It covers a range of topics, such as starting a plan, roles and responsibilities, incident control, salvage strategies and business continuity planning, among others. It also offers a variety of case studies to learn from.

An Ounce of Prevention: Integrated Disaster Planning for Archives, Libraries, and Record Centres by Joanna Wellheiser and Jude Scott.

This book is an extremely detailed resource on disaster preparedness and recovery. It discusses how to plan for a disaster and focuses on how to salvage collections if they are negatively affected. There are also lists of suppliers and service providers across Canada for disaster related supplies and restoration services.


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Disaster Kit Supplies

Absorene dirt erasers

These erasers work wonders on mould and soot. It is a great item to keep in your disaster kit in case of a mould outbreak or fire.

Waterproof notepads

Documentation is one of the most important parts of disaster recovery. Waterproof notepads are great to have on-hand in case of rain or moisture – he paper stays dry and your notes remain legible!

Absorbent socks

Absorbent socks are a great item to keep in your disaster kit. We previously wrote a blog post about them, and we still can’t get enough of them! They are perfect in the event of a small leak. Place the sock around the leak to prevent the water from spreading while you turn off the water source.

Online Resources

Salvage at a Glance by Betty Walsh:

This is a great resource that outlines how to handle water affected media. It discusses media types, priorities, handling precautions, packing methods and drying methods.

Emergency Management by the Northeast Document Conservation Center:,-biological-agents,-theft,-and-vandalism

The Northeast Document Conservation Centre’s website is an invaluable resource for all things conservation. In regards to disaster management, they offer detailed leaflets on disaster planning, including a worksheet for creating a plan, emergency management bibliography, salvage of books, paper, and photographs, integrated pest management, and freezing and drying records.

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