Collaborating with Alberta’s Institutions

The Lead Team has been working on the recovery of the Museum of the Highwood’s flood damaged archival collection for the past twelve months. In February 2015, the Lead Conservator began conservation treatment on the photographic material at the Provincial Archives of Alberta. Space and supplies were kindly donated by the conservator, Alison Freake, at the PAA.

ASA’s contract book conservator, Lisa Isley of In a Bind, also began treatment in February 2015 on flood damaged bound material from the Museum of the Highwood’s archival collection. The paper conservator at the Glenbow Museum, Lee Churchill, generously supplied space in the paper lab and a freezer for Lisa to store and triage items for treatment.

In August 2015, the Lead Team searched for an available lab in Edmonton for their contract paper conservator, Jayme Vallieres, to work. A space was needed where she could clean flood damaged textblocks and flatworks. After contacting MacEwan University’s Department of Physical Sciences they were able to secure a temporary lab space in a research lab.


Photo credit: Kevin M. Klerks

Fume hoods and chemicals were made available for Jayme to use while completing treatments. The Lead Team presented a short PowerPoint to staff at MacEwan University on Tuesday, November 10th 2015, regarding the roles of an archivist and a conservator, and their work for the Flood Advisory Programme.

The Lead Team would like to extend their appreciation to the Provincial Archives of Alberta, Glenbow Museum, and MacEwan University for all of their generosity.
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