What to do in a Zombie Attack**

Your disaster plan includes instructions on how to deal with different disasters, such as fires, floods, and theft, among others. Few disaster plans cover what should be done in the event of a zombie attack. Zombies are undead creatures that eat human flesh. The virus is passed on through a bite or scratch from an infected individual. The Lead Team believes it is important to prepare for all types of disasters, so here are a few tips on handling a zombie attack:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Call your local authorities, if time permits. Note that if this is a wide spread epidemic, the authorities may not respond to your call.
  3. Barricade all staff and visitors in a secure space, such as your vault.
  4. Ensure all staff and visitors in the secure space have not been infected.
  5. Remain quiet.
  6. Do not use archival records or artefacts to defend yourself against zombies, if possible.
  7. Consider keeping blunt instruments in your disaster kit to protect your staff and visitors from a zombie attack.
  8. Include self-defence training as part of your institutional disaster training.
Photo credit: Stephen Dann

Photo credit: Stephen Dann

Disaster preparedness is key to protecting staff, researchers and our collections from these types of attacks!

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**This post is all in good fun. Happy Halloween!

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