Good Work by the Flood Advisory Programme’s Lead Team

South Peace Regional Archives gratefully acknowledges the benefit received from the ASA Flood Advisory Programme, through Lead Archivist Amanda Oliver and Lead Conservator Emily Turgeon-Brunet.

SPRA is located in the Grande Prairie Museum, which sits on the banks of Bear Creek, a potential flood plain. Although the creek has never overflowed in our time, we have suffered a flood from above, caused by our flat roof.

We knew that our Disaster Preparedness Plan needed to be revised and more supplies purchased. We had a Disaster Response Kit of sorts, but it was basically a list of all the materials we would need in case of an emergency, and where they were stored.

Amanda and Emily’s report through the Flood Advisory Programme makes it so easy to address our weaknesses.  They laid out an easy to follow plan and gave us the conservation materials needed to do it correctly. This included a bin containing the things we were missing, such as sock barriers, Hollytex sheets, protective coveralls, and hard hats. It is very comforting to have all the supplies in one bin, which is now stored in our isolation room right off the receiving bay. Archives staff were also very excited about winning the fume hood used for the Flood Advisory Programme! Until now, when we needed to use toxic chemicals to clean film or when we wanted to remove mould from paper records, we have had to wait for a quiet, warm day in summer so we can work on them in the ventilated outdoors. This fume hood will allow us to work safely with cleaners and mouldy records as required. For the moment, it resides on a back table in the Archives Processing Room, but we are looking forward to the day when it is up and running.

Thank You, Archives Society of Alberta, for your practical support of archives across Alberta.

Sincere Regards,

Mary Nutting, Executive Director

South Peace Regional Archives

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