Happy International Archives Day!

June 9 is International Archives Day! International Archives Day was established in November 2007 by the International Council on Archives. The date was chosen because the International Council on Archives (ICA) was founded on June 9, 1948 under the patronage of the UNESCO. It is a day to celebrate our archival institutions around the world. ICA states that, “through the International Archives Day, we can:

  • Raise awareness among the public of the importance of records and archives, in order to make it understood that records and archives provide the foundation for their rights and identity;
  • Raise the awareness of senior decision makers of the benefits of records management for good governance and development;
  • Raise the public, private and public sectors’ awareness of the necessity of preserving archives for the long-term, and of providing access to them;
  • Promote and bring to the attention of the larger public unique, extraordinary and rare documents preserved in archival institutions;
  • Improve the image of records and archives and enhance their visibility globally.”[1]

These are great reasons to partake in International Archives Day! Although ASA is not an archives, we support the work of archives and archivists across Alberta and represent Alberta’s archival community. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize all of the work our institutional and individual members do every day to acquire, preserve and make assessable Alberta’s documentary heritage. We hope you have a wonderful International Archives Day!

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[1] International Council on Archives, “International Archives Day,” http://www.ica.org/1561/international-archives-day/celebrate-the-international-archives-day.html

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