April Showers bring Spring Emergencies

With spring fast approaching (finally!), archives must ensure they are prepared for any disasters caused by the change in the weather. Monitor surface runoff water, or overland flow, near your facility. Overland flow happens when water from meltwater or precipitation flows over the ground. This is caused by heavy precipitation and/or soil saturation. Check the Alberta Flood Map Application to see if your facility is located on or near overland flow areas.

River flows and levels can also fluctuate during this time of year. Become familiar with which water basin your facility is located in and monitor flow rates and water levels in your area.


The Louise Bridge during the Spring Flood of 1915. CCG-3034, City of Calgary, Corporate Records, Archives. http://www.albertaonrecord.ca/is-ccg-3034

Check eavestroughs and drainage around your building for debris that may have accumulated over the winter. Debris, such as leaves or litter, may prevent water from being redirected from your facility and may cause water to enter your building.

Thunderstorms are also common during this time of year and may affect the electricity in your building. Power surges can cause data errors and loss of memory in computers and damage other electronic devices. Surge bars divert excess electrical energy from your electronic devices to prevent any damage. Ensure your facility utilizes surge bars for all of your electronic devices.

Do you have any advice on how archives can prepare for spring weather? Let us know in the comments!

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