Introductions to the Lead Team

The Flood Advisory Programme’s Lead Team has taken over the ASA’s blog! We thought we would introduce ourselves by describing three things we love about working at the ASA.

Amanda (Lead Archivist):

  1. Working with new people

The Lead Archivist position allows me to meet and work with new people on a regular basis. I love learning about what our institutional members are working on and the different avenues archivists take to get their work done. It is an amazing learning experience.

  1. Learning more about conservation treatments

I have done basic conservation and preventative care treatments during my education and career; however, working one-on-one with a conservator over the past three months has shown me the depth of the conservation field. Emily has taught me so much about conservation treatments already and I look forward to learning much more as our project continues.

  1. Traveling

Emily and I are both new to Alberta and we have had the opportunity to travel to many new places to meet with our members. I am looking forward to seeing more of beautiful Alberta!


Emily (Lead Conservator):

  1. Helping preserve history

The Lead Conservator position allows me to work with people who share my passion to preserve history. During our site visits, and attended events, Amanda and I have been able to meet archivists, conservators, historians, and collection managers. It has been a pleasure to work with others towards a common goal.

  1. Learning more about archives, and the many hats that archivists wear

While I have experience treating paper and bound material for various archives, I have never had the opportunity to see what archivists do. It has been a wonderful experience working with Amanda over the last few months. She has taught me new terminology, and the difficulties that born digital records provide. I look forward to learning more from her as our project progresses.

  1. Outreach and events

Within the past three months Amanda and I have been able to attend the Creepy Alberta launch at Heritage Park, the City of Edmonton Archives’ exhibit Tonight’s the Night, and the Provincial Archives of Alberta’s Annual Film Night at Garneau Theatre, just to name a few.

The Lead Team Logo

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