Ice Rain, Blizzards, and Hail…Oh My!

With the arrival of winter, we are faced with many challenges and often have to work against the storms in order to maintain the condition of our facilities, and collections. When the temperature drops, it is important to work with your facilities manager to maintain the temperature and RH of your building. Low temperatures can cause frost and mould in areas with higher humidity, and they can also freeze water and drain pipes. Frozen pipes can lead to leaks and floods. Other winter emergencies may include excess of snow, and ice on the exterior of your building. The buildup of snow and ice on your roof can cause leaks, water damage, and mould and possibly cause your roof to collapse.

Whyte Museum

30. Shovelling snow off roof, Glacier House. Trip to Glacier region with Fred Pepper, [1926] / Byron Harmon photographer, Byron Harmon fonds (V263/NA-1360), Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

Not only is winter potentially harmful to us, and our facilities, it poses dangerous conditions for our furry friends who may seek solace in your collection space. It is important to maintain your IPM system during the winter months.

We recommend checking the facilities internal pipes regularly for frost, remove snow and ice from the exterior of the facility, including the roof, ensure drainpipes are free of snow and ice, and implement your IPM system.

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