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PAA Film Night – Film is Dead; Long Live Film and The Naked Flame


On Friday, March 22, the Provincial Archives of Alberta presents its 28th Annual Film Night at Edmonton’s Metro Cinema in the Garneau Theatre. Audience members will enjoy a FREE double bill that offers examples of past and present film technology and a feature length potboiler filmed right here in Alberta.

• 7:30 p.m. – “Film is Dead; Long Live Film!” The audience can compare films from the archives’ vaults, projected the old fashioned celluloid way, with digitized films from a brand new film scanner.

• 9:30 p.m. – The Naked Flame A “Canuxploitation” feature shot in Alberta in 1964 that sensationalizes the nudity and arson protest tactics of the Doukhobor sect.
Tickets to both films are free at the door. Metro Cinema is located at the Garneau Theatre, at
8712-109 Street in Edmonton.

Film is Dead; Long Live Film! Panel Discussion
Wednesday, March 27th, at 7 pm at the Provincial Archives of Alberta (8555 Roper Road)

The focus of the discussion will be the massive changes in cinema brought about by the emergence of digital technology at all points in film culture, including production, distribution, exhibition, study, and preservation. The panel will feature filmmakers, archivists, exhibitors, scholars, and producers who will offer their perspectives on this catalytic period of film history. The event will be of interest to cinephiles, filmmakers, film students, and others with an interest in film culture.

The speakers will be:
Tom Bernier (independent filmmaker and Provincial Archives of Alberta audiovisual technician), who will offer perspective on independent celluloid-based filmmaking in an increasingly digital world;
Jeff Brinton (Alberta Film Commissioner), who will be speaking about changes to the mainstream film industry, with a focus on commercial filmmaking in Alberta;
Braden Cannon (Audiovisual/Private Records Archivist, Provincial Archives of Alberta), who will address challenges facing archives in the acquisition, appraisal, and preservation of film and digital moving images;
Liz Czach (professor in the University of Alberta Department of English and Film Studies), who will offer an academic perspective on changes to film culture; and
Marsh Murphy (executive director of the Metro Cinema Society), who will be speaking about changes to the distribution and exhibition of celluloid and digital films.