PAA Film Night – “Now That We Are Filmmakers”

Metro Cinema is partnering with the Provincial Archives of Alberta to uncover some cinematic treasures from our past. On Friday, April 20, Now That We Are Filmmakers showcases films by and about Alberta women for the PAA’s 27th annual film night. Come and see how they’ve viewed the world, challenged the world and made a world for themselves.  A few highlights:

From Edmonton to Berlin with the Grads
Join the Edmonton Grads basketball team on their 1936 European tour, as they enjoy the scenery, play some demonstration b-ball and bask in Olympic pageantry – Hitler even makes a brief cameo.

Barry Broadfoot’s Pioneer Years: Women
Based on Broadfoot’s book The Pioneer Years, this film presents the challenges of settling a woman’s west.

Milk Maid’s Folly
A dashing lothario ignores his wedding vows to seduce a young woman in this cautionary, home movie melodrama.

Ruth & Harriet: Two Women of the Peace

This 1973 film offers a slice of the lives of two Peace River-area women who are as strongly individualistic and self-reliant as any pioneer. Their world is made of the things they cherish: the homestead, the river, the bush, the wildlife of the forest, their children and their men.

Alberta Girls
The Edmonton-based Alberta All Girls Band was invited to open the 1974 World Cup Soccer Championship in Munich. Suddenly, this regional Canadian band was performing its music and precise marching formations before a combined live and television audience of over half a billion people.

And more!  Check out the official trailer here:

Now That We Are Filmmakers screens Friday, April 20 at 7:30 p.m., at Metro Cinema at the Garneau, 8712 109 St, Edmonton. Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for students and seniors (student ID is required), and $6 for children under 13. Tickets go on sale at the box office 45 minutes before show time.

For more information on Provincial Archives Film Night, please contact the archives at 780-427-1750.

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