Opening the Vault – Peace River Museum, Archives & Mackenzie Centre

Today’s post was provided by Archivist Wendy Dyck.

Major G. H. Schoof in front of his Peace River Ranch (located in the Springfield area), 1936, at age 70. Peace River Museum, Archives and Mackenzie Centre, 77-890-001.

Major G. H. Schoof was born in Germany in 1866, immigrated to Nebraska at age 15 to become a cowboy, and permanently settled in Peace River in 1928. He served for the R.C.M.P, fought in numerous battles during the Boer War and the Mexican Revolution (under Generals Madero and Villa), and reportedly survived a gunshot as a spy in World War I. He was a renowned public speaker throughout North America, lecturing until his death in 1942.

The inscription on the inside of the Bible gives a more personal look at Major Schoof as well as the kindness of the medical staff here in Peace River.  The inscription reads:

“To the Matron and Staff of the Peace River Hospital:
Dear Friends, In [On?] the Summer of 1933 when a patient in your Hospital you found me a Bible. to [sic] prove my gratitude for your kindness I send you this Bible.
Very sincerely Major G.H. Schoof”

Inscription in bible, Peace River Museum, Archives, and Mackenize Centre

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