Welcome to the ASA’s Blog!

Welcome to the official blog of the Archives Society of Alberta!  Based in Edmonton, the Archives Society of Alberta (ASA) is a provincial heritage organization that represents the interest of archivists, archival institutions, and those people and organizations throughout Alberta that have an interest in archives.  For further information about us, please visit the ASA’s main website at www.archivesalberta.org.  You can also join the ASA’s Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/archivesalberta/.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a public forum for archivists and others to discuss issues of common interest, promote events, explore newly available primary resources, and share information.  We also welcome postings and questions about the work that archivists do, the types of materials they acquire, the donation process, and the different uses of primary sources that archives preserve.  Please submit comments and ask questions.

Come back again to see what we’re up to!

One thought on “Welcome to the ASA’s Blog!

  1. The blog looks great – I was thinking about the idea of having an AB-wide archival blog and this is exactly that. The email listserv is not exactly the same – it is more for announcement and job postings, while the blog can also include short articles with illustrations and neatly organized comments, all on one page. And I really like the clean and simple outline. Great job, Michael.

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